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Steffen Faisst’s photography is about water. Water is everywhere. It flows along the line of least resistance to find its way to the ocean, where it comes and goes in tides and waves, evaporates to the sky, and reappears as precipitation. Water possesses no specific shape by itself, but is formed by the physical forms and forces surrounding it. Thus, water can take an unlimited number of shapes and colors, making it to a fascinating source of inspiration.

The shapes and colors emerging from moving water are generally imperceptible for the human eye. Steffen’s photography intends to visualize especially those small, inconspicuous water structures that arise at the shore. His photographical approach is to go as close as possible to the (anticipated) formation of these natural sculptures, which last only for a split second, and to freeze the moment with high shutter speeds. And it is each time a new surprise to him when looking to the picture taken and detecting a new artwork created by Mother Nature.

Steffen is a scientist by formation. The curiosity and focus on detail that helped him to be a researcher also led him to detect the beauty of these minute water worlds. Since he was a student, he engaged in close-up and macro photography of still motifs. The experience he gained from these exercises helped him to engage in close-up and macro photography of quickly moving water phenomena – a technique he continuously refines.

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