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Shinji Nakabori is a visual artist who was born in 1956 in Tokyo, Japan. He graduated from Japanese Painting Department at Tama Art University in 1978. He also studied at the Art Art Students League of New York.  Several works by the artist have been sold at auction in Tokyo.



Twenty years ago or so I faced the torment of missing the direction of painting, hopelessly at an impasse with no way out.

It was at that time of despair when I encountered Maitreya bodhisattva* at Koryuji Temple in Kyoto. Standing in front of the statue emitting gentle lights with dignity beyond time and space, I received “something” that I could not find appropriate words for. Since then, it has been all I hope my painting will communicate: “something” that directly reaches you. I am and will be on the way to looking for that “something”.

Shinji Nakabori"

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