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Corporate & Residential Fine Art Consultation Services


Art can improve the quality and character of the surrounding spaces.  Gallery  NK works with the client through the design process to provide services from projected budget analysis and determination to selection, art commissions, and location of artwork.


We can work with a variety of artists to incorporate unique pieces to enhance your environment. Gallery NK can assist with solutions that support the clients' needs while keeping their budget in mind. We can utilize digital rendering to present artwork options to the client. This process is beneficial because it helps the clients visualize what artwork may look like in the space desired during the design process. Let us help you find the perfect piece to provide inspiration to your workspace or home.


Gallery NK staff will guide you with a free consultation to ensure the artwork that you select suits your space and your style. With prices as low as 

Based on a minimum 3-month trial period at 4% of the artwork’s purchase price. Rental fees will be credited toward total purchase price. Sales & Rental Rates For Yourself & Your Business Our standard rental rate is for a minimum of 3 months, maximum of 6, at 4% of the artwork’s purchase price, per month. Should you decide to purchase a work at the end of your rental contract, 3 months rental will be credited from your balance

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