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Pedro Boaventura is a driven artist, filmmaker curator and entrepreneur with an eclectic background. He is the founder of dynamic art portal "Art Galaxie", on a quest to spread the word about contemporary art and outstanding artist in various forms.

As Pedro has always been interested in fine arts – and art in general, it was very natural for him to follow his passion through life.

Hailing from Portugal, Pedro was born in 1966 and he develop an interest and fascination for artistic expression and creativity at a very early age. By the time e turned 16, Pedro set out to focus on his passion for drawing, joining the Antonio Arroio School of Arts, attending the "Audiovisual Communication" course. Ever since then, Pedro remained active within the artistic community as an artist himself, as well as a supporter of fellow fine artists and other exciting works of art. Besides painting, Pedro is also a film maker and a Director of Photography, making for a versatile and diverse approach across several media. His brainchild, "Art Galaxie" project, definitely reflects Pedro's eclectic attitude and professionalism in the world of the arts.

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