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Art Gallery Near Me

Gallery NK: Art Gallery Near Me in Washington DC

If you're searching for an art gallery near me in Washington DC —one that has a unique flair, then you'll want to visit Gallery NK. Nihal Kececi took what used to be a rundown warehouse tucked away amid the rowhouses of NoMA and transformed it into a clean, modern contemporary art gallery. Kececi's art gallery displays a collection of her work in pastels, oils, and acrylics. She says that her ethereal, organic abstract paintings are "a journey. It's more than shapes; it's about feelings." Gallery NK is your art gallery near me in Washington, DC—where Kececi also showcases artists from around the world each month.

Nihal Kececi's art gallery reflects her love of art and friendships. The gallery's mission is to foster the artist-client relationship. Additionally, we work to create and foster partnerships between the artist and interior designers. Gallery NK is open by appointment and is also available to book for events and catered parties, with accommodations for 30–75 people.

Imagine a beautiful catered evening for employees, family, and friends, or clients in a gorgeous art gallery space. If you're searching for an art gallery near me in Washington DC— Nihal Kececi's art gallery is in Capitol Hill, near Union Station and Union Market. Please make an appointment to view the art gallery. If you would like to book a catered party or event, let us know, and we'll start a plan. Finally, if you're a fine artist, please inquire about gallery exhibition opportunities at Gallery NK.

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