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Musa Güney was born in Artvin, Yusufeli in 1975. He graduated from Erzurum Atatürk University Faculty of Fine Arts Graphical Desing Department in 1999 and has settled down in İstanbul after his graduation. While working as an art director in many graphical design companies, he continued his professional painting career that had been started back in his university years. He holds 10 solo exhibitions and took place in several group exhibitions in the field of painting and graphical design in Turkey and abroad. He has been honored many awards in both fields. His works appear in many public and private collections. He still continues his works in his ateliers in Beyoğlu and Yeşilpınar. “My admiration of nature is the most prominent factor in the decision process of my subjects. I don’t handle it as an objective reality but I reflect its effects on me to my work. 

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