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We participate in premier art fairs and trade shows attracting the serious attention of private collectors, art consultants, corporations, artists, galleries, and media interest from around the world. We offer you the exceptional occasion of having your show handled with extreme care and the assurance that our attention is given to every detail.


           We Handle All The Details For A High-Quality Presentation

  1. Art Transportation Assistance

  2. Professional Gallery Installation

  3. Bright Lighting

  4. Wall tags with artist’s name, title, size, medium, and price

  5. Wireless internet service

  6. Credit card terminal or purchases

  7. Insurance coverage

  8. City and state tax resale permits

  9. Complimentary VIP and guest pass

  10. Media press releases and video


Acceptance Criteria: 

  1. Proposed artwork will be juried for quality, authenticity, uniqueness, and saleability.

  2. Signed and numbered limited editions of photographs, lithographs, digital art, and sculptures from molds are permitted. 

Shipping and Handling: 

  1. Each participating artist is responsible for arranging the shipment of work to and from the Fair.

  2. International and Out of Town Artists: International and out of town artists must ship through our official Gallery Address

  3. You can ship your work flat but there will be extra charge for stretching at the Gallery

Individual Space and Fee Wall Area:


It will change with location. Please ask for show Prospectus. 


Sale Commission:

Gallery NK sale commission is 25% 


In Addition to this Application Please Submit:

• Artist Statement/Bio

• 3-5 Images of Artwork to be exhibit (all techniques accepted, painting, sculpture, graphic arts, drawing, mixed media,

    photography, and digital art).



Please ask about the details for​

Spectrum Miami Dec 6-10, 2017