In general, I work with the idea of art-work as a methodology of translation and transcription. Our impressions of reality and our subsequent reiteration and placement of the notion of "self" results from this action to locate and describe our surroundings in such a manner that allows a sense of belonging and consciousness. Formally speaking I draw from art-historical rhetoric while allowing the expressivity of the nature of the materials to talk for themselves as well. It is a dialogue between the logic of history and the inherent logics of the materials and processes that I herd together.My use of materials has varied from light to casting metals, to music, to drawing, to painting, and to performance. The medium itself is never actually important other than the fact that they invite me to voice their resonance given by the realities of their materiality. How the resultant works are read is always contingent upon the qualities of the viewers’ background and their ability to "read" and interact with the works.In a sense I attempt to place as much responsibility onto the viewer as I place onto myself while staging scenarios. Narratives unfold, but they are hopefully as multi-valiant as the originality of the discovery of our individuality as if manifests within the discovery of shape and form within the currents of all aspects of our life..

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